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Sleepy Owl to Spotify: Six Hacks every 9 to 5-er can learn from a freelancer

By Romita Roy

Its no secret that freelancers had mastered WFH way before the Pandemic. Armed with their hard disks and comfy slippers, they make the ‘be your own boss’ look runway-worthy. And while both the office-goers and freelancers can banter over which side the coffee is stronger, both camps would agree that there are a few hacks  freelancers know that haven't been cancelled.

1. The art of caffeination: Caffeine is necessary if you want to change the world. Or so every freelancer will have you believe. The cycle goes pretty much like this: Morning Coffee = wakefulness = Second cup = anxiety = Chamomile tea = sleepiness = third coffee. Repeat.

2. Spotify playlists for every mood: You know how there’s a soundtrack for every phase of the hero’s life in a movie? Pro tip: ‘Tibetan sound bath’ works wonders in the shower, and ‘Hustle Mode On’ is the best motivation during that lull period around 11 am.

3. Mastering tax filing: Leaving ITR to the accounts department? That’s so pre-Covid. For freelancers, deductions is the golden word. Cab bills, electricity, office supplies, super-fast internet, *ahem* loungewear *cough* Kenyan coffee…

4. The art of lazy formal (ish): You know no one can rock those Zara athleisure pant better than a freelancer. That shirt? It’s no-iron, no-spill. Those sneakers? They’re never coming off…

5. LBDN (Looking busy, doing nothing): Have you really procrastinated if you’re pretending to be busy? ‘Fake it till you make it’ is a mantra that freelancers have grasped only too well. “Another project? I’ll have to check in with my schedule”.

6 Faking Living the dream: And while we’re on that mantra, can anyone truly portray to be living the social media dream better than the freelancer? (Sleepy Owl in hand, overpriced headphones on head and laptop surgically attached to lap, of course).



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