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Queer South Asian books for Pride Month 2022

By Raiyah Butt

Happy Pride!

Disclaimer: these books can be read all year round, anytime. But we figured this month, people might just take a little bit more notice.

We present our LGBTQIA+ book recommendations, from the fun fiction fantasies of Adiba Jaigirdar to the life lessons of activist Urvashi Vaid.

Because when we read these stories, we better understand the different voices within a community - what it means to discover yourself, to love in a new light, or to be fighting front and centre against oppression.

This #PrideMonth, do a book exchange with a friend, donate your old reads at a charity drive, or pick up a new LGBTQIA+ story at your local bookstore.


The Henna Wars - Adiba Jaigirdar

Cobalt Blue - Sachin Kundalkar

Funny Boy - Shyam Selvadurai

Bright Lines - Tanwi Nandini Islam

Hani and Ishu's Guide to Fake Dating - Adiba Jaigirdar

The Best at It - Maulik Pancholy


The World That Belongs To Us: An Anthology of Queer Poetry from South Asia - Akhil Katyal and Aditi Angiras


A Dutiful Boy - Mohsin Zaidi

Burning My Roti: Breaking Barriers as a Queer Indian Woman - Sharan Dhaliwal

The Truth About Me: A Hijra Life Story - A. Revathi

Irresistible Revolution: Confronting Race, Class and the Assumptions of LGBT Politics - Urvashi Vaid

Out of Time: The Queer Politics of Postcoloniality - Rahul Rao

Smashing the Patriarchy: A Guide for the 21st-century Indian Woman - Sindhu Rajasekaran


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