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Disclaimer: The information in this document is of informational nature only, can be subject to change or update without notice and should not be construed as a commitment by The Lipstick Politico. By accepting this document, the recipient acknowledges that all information contained in this document or in connection with the offering is confidential and nonpublic. The recipient also agrees to keep all the information in confidence and not use the information for personal benefit (other than in connection with the recipient's investment decision). However, the recipient's obligation of nondisclosure does not apply to any such information that is part of the public knowledge. Any user should evaluate their investment based on independent assessments of the financial condition and other relevant factors necessary to make an investment decision that does not rely solely on the information presented herein.



Art is the wealth of mankind, yet it is often in the hands of a few. To ensure equal access to artworks, we need a better trading system and the innovation of technology. The unprecedented marriage between blockchain and artworks, where NFT technology is a prime representative, is reshaping the art world, making artworks accessible again for all. 


Digital art has long been undervalued, in large part because it’s so freely available. To help artists create financial value for their work, NFTs add the crucial ingredient of scarcity. In the foreseeable future, the NFT boom will continue to grow and transform the way how concepts and values are exchanged between blockchain and the real world. 


In 2020, the overall trading value of NFT tripled, reaching $250 million. In March 2021 alone, the total sales of NFT surpassed $220 million. It is predicted that in the next decade, 50% of the top 100 artists and artworks in the world will be registered as NFTs. The growing NFT trading market is calling for the founding of The Lipstick Politico.NFT (TLP.NFT). The early world of NFT art fails to stand up as a reliable, inclusive environment to sell digital art. TLP.NFT aims to create a platform for young and established artists to sell artworks that represent the vision and mission of TLP. TLPNFT ‘s objective is to give a global reach to its existing community and other like-minded creatives and collectors from a previously exclusive world of art. 


What is Unique about us?

While other NFT Platforms are taking the traditional NFT route with their marketplace, we are rethinking the business. TLPNFT doesn’t just allow users to sell through its marketplace, it also offers a marketplace where you can only find 'cause worthy collectibles'. This marketplace represents all and will include collectibles from communities such as South Asia, LGBTQ, Minorities & Women.  


  • TLP.NFT is on a mission to create India’s first NFT platform that holds space for South Asian art and expression especially from female and/ non-binary/ artists from marginalized backgrounds to create, curate and support at a global level. 

  • TLP.NFT holds onto the value of making artworks accessible to all. It is going to be a user-friendly NFT launchpad, marketplace and exchange aiming to help users to automate digital to physical redemptions.

  • We want to build a place for authentic, high-quality art and thoughtful curation.

  • We want to properly align incentives and ensure a broader, more diverse art and curation ecosystem. Eventually becoming a status symbol in the digital world, alongside other ground-breaking projects


Curation at TLPNFT – Curation is essential to any art market or creative community. Curations brings context to art and expression, allowing us to comprehend layers of meaning more deeply than the observer might.



  • A simple and intuitive UI

  • High speed decentralized trading with low fees

  • Ability to swap and provide liquidity to any ERC20 tokens

  • Curators and Tastemaker

  • Where value accrues in the network 



  • We curate and cultivate gender-positive works produced by South Asian gender+ communities, to capture an accurate and inclusive representation of SouthAsianX within feminist discourse and mainstream media.

  • We work to make feminism, gender, and related issues tangible and approachable for the South Asian community on a global platform 



  • An organic audience of almost 30K (Indian Millenials and Gen Z) within the first year of launch

  • 10 million+ post impressions 

  • 60:40 ratio of India: Diaspora audience and contributors

  • 100 + artists 

  • Viral art and meme content (Over a million views)

  • Collaboration with artists

  • Followed by some of the biggest blue ticks in India 



  1. NFTs — One-of-a-kind digital items that push the boundaries of art and technology.

  2. DeFi — A shared economy with the TLP Token powering staking, royalties, bidding, and payments.

  3. DAOs — Aligning incentives with decentralized governance and voting


  • Established Community – We believe we have a tight-knit and growing community with over 30,000 members.

  • Public sale – We aim to deliver a successful public sale 

  • Build Utilities – such as exclusive membership, cultural movement

  • We want to promote sales, run auctions, and collect commissions


TLP.NFT plans to invite influential art creators and researchers from around the world to join the TLP.NFT advisory team. We hope to build a cutting-edge stage for art exchange to encourage creativity, increase the value of artworks and lead the trend in the future art industry



  • Raja Ravi Varma meme series drop

  • Drops with the top contemporary artists in the Subcontinent such as Jitish Kallat, Reena Kallat and Bharti Kher 

  • Collaboration with a gallery in London to do a physical show with an ESG component



  • Tie up with Reliance Industries to work on their Public Digital art in their corporate building in Mumbai

  • Tie up with different artists from within the community and celebrities to do a monthly drop keeping various themes 


Daaman Thandi

Daaman has a background in media, advocacy and foreign policy. She is the founder of The Lipstick Politico, a digital platform dedicated to pushing the boundaries of mainstream South Asian Social Discourse through Art and Expression. She has previously worked with CNN India, GMF in Washington DC and the Consulate General of Canada in India. She is an alumnus of the University of California, Irvine and the London School of Economics. She recently won the female founders prize at LSE Generate.

_DSC0069 copy.jpg

Fatema Pittalwala 

Fatema's career spans in policy research, political consultancy, political data analysis and in Indian modern and contemporary art specialist. After moving back from New York, she was actively involved in the Indian Art Auction space where she worked at Pundole’s and Christie’s. She remains passionately and academically intune with the digital art space.She currently works with the Reliance Art Foundation as their Art Curator and Assistant Art Adviser. 


A graduate of St Xavier's College, Mumbai. Fatema earned her Post Graduate degree from London School of Economics. She is a young collector of Indian Modern and Contemporary art. 


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